Project Life 2014 – Week 13

Here is my two-page spread for Week 13 of my Project Life/pocket page album:

Here’s a closer look at the left side of Week 13:

I’m scrapping about late March in late July. When I was choosing photos for this week, I was surprised to come across this photo showing major flooding of the Mississippi River:

This flooding was huge. How did I forget it? And that, folks, is why I’m making these albums. Apparently my memory is not as complete as it once was.

Should my memory ever completely vacate my brain, I hope someone in the family will bring me my albums to reactivate some grey matter here and there. Perhaps someone will read the pages to me à la The Notebook.

More of the left page of Week 13 . . .


And finally on the first page of Week 13 there is Conrad's fire. Here’s the beginning of the fire story and some follow-up:

Conrad received a call while he was at work that he needed to go home because his apartment was on fire. When he got there, the place was surrounded with emergency equipment, and no one was allowed inside. For all he knew, all his earthly possessions were in the process of departing this earth.

So, Peter and I were sitting in a theatre watching a musical, and I could feel my iPhone vibrating like crazy. I finally sneaked a peak, and my heart sank. What could I do about the fire from 2000 miles away? Worry! It’s what moms do best. Regardless of how far away your “child” is or how old, the worrying never stops, does it?

Although the unit directly below Conrad was the one that caught on fire, he didn’t lose anything in the fire. Except his door. The firemen chopped it down with an ax to get inside. Conversely, to get inside the unit that was on fire, they got the super to open the door with a key. Go figure.

I LOVE his Facebook post (above). Conrad inherited much of my OCDness.

More from the fire:

Here’s a closer look at the right side of Week 13:

Close-ups from the right page of Week 13 . . . 

I'm so torn as to how to do these weekly posts. Do I do separate posts for each of the pages? That's what I did for all of 2013. Do I do one post about each week? That's what I did for Week 13. 

So it wouldn't be excessively long, I have very little commentary in this post; instead, it's very photo heavy. I could talk about every photo here (because I can talk about anything and everything). But I guess the journaling on the pages is sufficient to tell the overall story of the week. And I do need to move on to other weeks (many other weeks).

Kit used to make these pages: Storyteller April 2014 Collection  ("The Whole Shebang") by Just Jaimee

Additional elements from the following: Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, Darcy Baldwin, Digital Design Essentials, Rhonna Designs, Tracy Larsen

So ends Week 13. Thank you for stopping by!


Project Life 2014 – Week 12 | right side

Here’s a closer look at the right side of Week 12:

This one is hilarious to me:
Blake and Elisabeth take these brackets (seen here taped to a door) very seriously. Nothing like an uninformed two-year-old kid dominating the family contest.

I used to waste a lot of time on Facebook. Now I waste a lot of time on have switched my allegiance to Instagram, because I like its focus on photos.

Also, for the most part, my Facebook friends were already my friends in real life. In contrast, I didn’t know most of the people I follow on Instagram until I discovered them on Instagram (or they found me). 

I’ve really, really enjoyed getting to know people from all around the world, such as Jennie and her husband Oscar who live in Sweden and who are the parents of this cutie:
Funny thing: Sometimes when I'm looking through my Instagram feed and see a photo of Molly, I think she is my granddaughter Evie, except Evie's mother Elisabeth doesn't usually write in Swedish. Okay, she never does.

Side note: I always wanted a daughter named Molly after my mother's mother's mother. I had a daughter, but we named her Graham. Long story.

It’s a good thing we have lots of chairs and sofas:

I’ll end with my favorite spot on this page:

Surely you’ve seen the YouTube video entitled “Charlie bit my finger.” (If not, it’s here.) It's had over 700,000,000 views. That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this video of Peter and Evie. I love my grandkids!

See y’all later!

Besides the kit shown above, I used this stuff to make these pages:
  • “week” stamp and “eleven” stamp: Ali Edwards
  • date stamps: Digital Design Essentials (Gina Cabrera)
  • QR code maker: www.qrsuff.com
  • various word art: Ali Edwards, Kerri Bradford, Penny Springmann


Project Life 2014 – Week 12 | left side

Here is my two-page spread for Week 12 of my Project Life/pocket page album:

For Week 12 I used Pocket Life: March Collection, a digital kit by Traci Reed.

For both of these pages I started off using my beloved Template A. I don’t know what happened. At first I thought I didn't have enough stuff to fill the eight 4x6 spots on these two pages. Then I thought I had too much stuff for the 4x6 spaces.

I was adding and deleting 4x6 and 3x4 spots all over the place. Imagine my surprise when I finished the pages and realized I had eight 4x6s and eight 3x4s, exactly what I would have had if I’d used two copies of Template A.

Well, enough about 4x6s and 3x4s.

A closer look at the left side of Week 12:

A close-up of Conrad's photo:
Isn’t it gorgeous?? The park was named after George Sterling, a Californian who lived from 1869-1926. During his life he was celebrated as the one of the greatest American poets, but he never gained popularity outside of Northern California.

Perhaps the locals felt sorry for him and named this amazing park after him? Maybe he got the park name because he wrote poems about the "City by the Sea" area.

Here’s a part of a poem that’s about the sun setting over the Golden Gate Bridge:
        “Homeward into the sunset
        Still unwearied we go
        Till the northern hills are misty
        With the amber of afterglow.”

If you want a good view of the sunset when you’re in San Francisco, go to George’s namesake hilltop park. (The view is better than his poetry.)

Elisabeth and Blake are amazing. It never would have entered my mind to make a contraption to TAPE onto the wall for the kids to play with. If the truth be known, I didn’t even want them near the walls. Kids can mess up walls.

How sweet is this?
Actually, Mister Bucky wasn’t helping me; he was trying to get my stylus. He teethes on it. I have no idea how it’s still working.

During the years I’ve had my Bamboo tablet and used a stylus instead of a mouse, I’ve completely forgotten how to use a mouse. I must have the stylus, so Mister Bucky and I fight over it daily.

These two spots are about Graham and her guitar:

I'm thankful someone in the family has musical talent.

Here’s my favorite spot on the left page:
I’m totally enamored with Evie's expressions and those enormous eyes!

This is getting too long. See the next post for the right side of Week 12.


Project Life 2014 – Week 11

Here is my two-page spread for Week 11 of my Project Life/pocket page album:

For Week Eleven I used Around Here, a digital kit by One Little Bird:  
This graphic shows the elements only. Coordinating journal cards and papers are also available, all at The Lilypad.

Here’s a closer look at the left side of Week 11:
This week's lovely landscape photo is by Graham. 

Instead of showing each spot on the page, I’m just going to show a few of them, such as this one:

And this one:

What do these two cards have in common? Yes! Each has a QR code. Do you need to rush and pull out your QR reader? Probably not.

While the masses won’t thrill at watching these videos about Evie and Ellie Mae, I do! And I’ll enjoy them even more as time passes.

Since these videos were made, Evie is already sitting alone, and Ellie Mae, well, she still goes berserk when I say, “Walkies?!” But these are real things I want to remember from my life, and I hope my family will enjoy them, too, over the years.

I’m glad I can stretch my memory-keeping ability by including more in my Project Life album than photos and words. However, I do have a slight fear QR readers won't always be available. I mean, I go back to 8-track cassette tapes. You won’t find them around these days, which is good because they were as big as a glove compartment.

See the word “READY!” on this spot:
It’s from Ali Edwards. Sort of. I couldn’t find that word in my stash of AE stuff, so I cut and pasted these letters together from some of her other words. It was rather like writing a ransom note.

Here’s my favorite spot on this page:
You would think Peter could read and is reading. Look at how intent he is! He's so smart!! {Pause to admire his cuteness.}

Here’s a closer look at the right side of Week 11:

Our musical for this week – The Great American Trailer Park Musical.
Well, it was different!

Here’s a shot from Conrad’s neighborhood.
I don’t think it’s very safe (Conrad has been robbed twice), but it makes for good city photos.

Here’s my latest ridiculous excuse for a fortune:
Somewhere along the way fortune cookies switched from telling fortunes to giving advice.

And, last, but not least, here’s my favorite spot on this page:
I LOVE these expressions! Peter (in the center) looks as if he’s forgotten he’s holding Evie, but I haven’t heard any reports that he dropped her.

By the way, ~I~ wrote the words on the bottom of the card. What a mess. I used a Slick Writer and wrote the words on a piece of white paper I pulled from the trash. (But clean paper should work, too.) Then I took a photo of the words with my iPhone, emailed them to myself, saved them to ACDSee, opened them in Photoshop, used the Quick Selection Tool to pick the words off the white background, and saved the words as a png (so I'd have a transparent background).

There must be an easier way.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I really appreciate my readers! All several of you.

Besides the kit shown above, I used this stuff to make these pages:
  • digital template: Project Life Template A
  • “week” stamp and “eleven” stamp: Ali Edwards
  • date stamps: Digital Design Essentials (Gina Cabrera)
  • QR code maker: www.qrsuff.com 
  • "CHOOSE Happy" circle: forgot where I got it


Project Life 2014 – Week 10 | Insert

My daughter Graham went to Jacksonville, Florida, for her Spring Break from college. This was a problem for me, because her break/trip overlapped Weeks 10 and 11. So, I do put the insert in the middle of Week 10 or in Week 11?

(Bummer there’s no way to put an insert between two weeks.)

Seriously, you’d think the school administrators would plan these things better. I’ll cut them a little slack. There are probably a few people in the world who haven’t heard about Project Life.

I decided to put the insert in Week 10, simply because it would be done. I won’t have to think about it after I do Week 11.

Graham took a lot of photos during the nine days of her travels (two of which were spent getting there). However, she took none of Blake and Elisabeth. Very strange. Graham said they don’t like to have their photo taken. So? Do it anyway. That’s what I do.

After the where-to-put-the-insert question comes the what-size-of-insert question. I generally do 6x12 inserts; why, I don’t know. I do know I’m nearly out of 6x12 page protectors, but I have plenty of 8½ x11 ones left. 8½ x11 it is!

But wait! There are more questions! What will I use for a template? Project Life doesn’t offer 8½ x11 templates, even though they do offer 8½ x11 page protectors. (Conversely, they offer 10x12 and 7x12 templates, but no page protectors for those sizes. Also very strange.)

I went through my template stash and found one that had a fair amount of rectangles. I copied that onto an 8½ x11 Photoshop document and fiddled with it [Southern expression] until I had a page full of rectangles with a ¼” border all around the edges of the page.

Since I’ll upload these pages to Persnickety Prints, I can be sure they will print exactly what I submit, including the ¼” border. Their work is beyond comparison. Try them; you’ll love them! (That was an unsolicited and unpaid commercial message.)

Next I made a copy of this page (to be the back of the insert) and put both pages side by side on my monitor. Then I started adding photos. When I needed a longer or wider space, I stretched one rectangle over another one and deleted the one that was covered. 

I added journaling. I filled the blank rectangles with filler cards and stuff. And, finally, I added a drop shadow to all the rectangles. Oh! And I changed the white background of the page to be a light gray background, like the PL templates.

Now for both sides of the insert page . . .

Here’s the front:
Stuff used: date stamps by Gina Cabrera, filler cards from Just Add Color PL Core Kit, “ZOO” from Zoo PL mini kit, script from Penny Springmann, cork arrow from Traci Reed, and ampersand from Rhonna Farrer.

Here’s the back:
Stuff used: journal card and filler cards from Just Add Color PL Core Kit, brush script from Penny Springmann (“Sweet”) and Paislee Press (“XOXO”), cork heart from Traci Reed, and staple from Allison Pennington. 
And that, friends, is my insert. The funny thing is even though I had to make the template and fiddle with it, and I used a lot of photos, and I pulled stuff from all over the place, I did the insert ~way~ faster than I do my weekly pages. Go figure. And then try to figure out what “fiddle” with pages might mean.

Thank you for stopping by!


Project Life 2014 – Week 10 | right side

Here is the right side of my two-page spread for Week 10:
For this page I used stuff by Allison Pennington (Seize digital kit), Gina Cabrera (date stamps), Rhonna Designs (word art on sunset scenes), and Tracy Larsen (college templates).

And now a few words about some of the pockets . . .

Top row – left spot:
This week Graham flew to Jacksonville to spend her spring break with the family in Jacksonville. Well, I guess that's sort of obvious, since I wrote it on the card.

Middle row – first spot:
Basically the trip from Memphis to Jacksonville BY PLANE took two days. (By car it would have been 12-13 hours.) Along with everything else that went wrong, her complimentary, overnight hotel accommodations in Charlotte, NC, were less than stellar, to put it mildly. Very mildly.

Middle row – second spot:
Look! I slanted that little tag thing! That was not consistent with my OCD world, in which I prefer everything to be lined up. Sometimes you just have to live on the wild side.

Both of our cats can open the doors in the house if they’re open even a crack. (Neither is tall enough to use the doorknobs, so they need that open space.) Ellie Mae is bigger and stronger, but sometimes I do wonder about her brain. She has no idea she could stick her nose or her foot in that space and open the door.

Middle row – third & fourth spots:
I love the sky, clouds, water, trees, . . .. I love Memphis.
Bottom row – right spot:
This will go down in history as one of the saddest and most bizarre stories of this year.

Next post: Week 10! I wish. Instead, I’m going to do an insert page about Graham’s trip to Jacksonville. I thought about going on to Week 10 and doing the insert later.

I was going to think a spell [Southern expression] on that, but then I realized I don’t even know what that means. (How do you think a spell?? Is it about spelling or magic??)  The chances of me doing the insert later are slim and none. So I’m doing the insert next. Thanks for visiting!