Project Life 2015 – Week Two

Here is my two-page spread for Week Two of my 2015 Project Life/pocket page album:

I’ve actually had these pages done for over a week. I got sidetracked posting them, because I’m trying to find my rhythm for posting my pages online – that is, on my blog, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

Why post in all these places? Because I love being a part of the Project Life/pocket page/365/52 community. (It goes by a lot of names, but the end result is the same an album filled with the big and little stuff from your daily life in the form of photos and words and some embellishments, if you wish.) I appreciate seeing what others post and getting inspiration from them. Perhaps my pages give ideas and encouragement in return. And so I post.

But if some people follow me in all three places, I hate to inundate them with a bunch of the same stuff all at once. If I space them out, there’s a chance they’ll miss an appearance or two of the identical posts, which they’d probably appreciate, so I spread them out. How do you post your pages – in only one place, or everywhere all at once, or space them out over a day or so, or what?  

While I’m talking about posting scrapbook pages, I’ll go ahead and share close-ups of my latest two.

Here is a closer look at the left side of Week Two:
My second granddaughter and third grandchild had her first birthday! Now my grandkids are ages 3, 2, and 1. What great ages! (I never thought I would wear black nail polish.)

And here is a closer look at the right side of Week Two:
It is certainly amazing to me that at any one time my family is having such different weather. While it's springlike in one place, another place is having snowstorms. Now I'm looking at the food photos. Food is amazing, too.


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(Some photos are blurred for privacy.) 


Project Life 2015 – Week One

Here is my two-page spread for Week One of my Project Life/pocket page album:

I am beyond thrilled to be moving right along on my 2015 album! I’ve got the title page and Week One done. Now I just need to do what I call my Cast of Characters pages (more on that later) and Week Two.

Oh. Since I’m running my weeks from Monday to Sunday, my Week Three ended yesterday. I need to do that, also. But, hey! I’m ~waaaay~ ahead of where I was at this time in 2014!

Here is a closer look at the left side of Week One:

And here is a closer look at the right side of Week One:

In the past I’ve used a different kit each week to make my pages. Sometimes I repeat the kit, but not for two straight weeks.

This year I’m doing something different. I’m using monthly subscription kits, specifically, those from Ali Edwards and The Lilypad.

Ali Edwards’ Story Kits have a different theme each month. For example, the theme in December was Firsts. For January it is Gatherings. The kits come in three formats: physical kits, stamp kits, and digital kits. Each month subscribers receive the kit (or kits), videos and multi-page PDFs with how-to’s and ideas, and freebies. Sometimes Ali also has guests, like Cathy Zielske, teaching and sharing. There is a private forum and gallery for subscribers.

The Lilypad’s Memory Pockets Monthly consists of a large, new kit each month designed by Allison Pennington, Amber LaBau, Designs by Lili, Sahlin Studio, Sara Gleason, and Valorie Wibbens. For the monthly subscription fee you get the monthly kit and any add-ons at a reduced price. Also, you have access to a private forum and special tutorials and videos for inspiration.

There are many other monthly programs for digital and physical scrappers. These two match my needs the best.

I like MPM because they are specifically for Project Life/pocket page scrapping, and I like the quality and variety of the work of the designers at The Lilypad.

I like, no, love Ali Edwards’ Story Kits because her passion is words – she helps us document and even celebrate the stories of our lives. All scrapbookers love photos, of course, but we need to tell the stories behind the photos, too.

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(Some photos are blurred for privacy.)


Project Life 2015 – Title Page

Hello, Project Life 2015! I’m so excited to be here at the beginning of another year with Project Life. “WHAT??” you ask. You mean you finished 2014?? Oh, heck no.

In 2013 when I was on Becky Higgins’ Project Life Creative Team, we (the team members) had monthly deadlines for submitting our pages. That deadline kept me right on target (amazing, huh?), scrapping each week a day or so after the week ended. 

Then came the December deadline . . .. It was near the first of December. I made that deadline! And came to a dead halt.

Why I didn’t finish 2013 until the middle of February, 2014:

  • My second granddaughter (and third grandchild) was born on the 5th of January in 2014. I flew to Florida see her and the family there.
  • I came home from Florida with 1,469 photos. We were all taking photos like we’d never seen a baby.
  • I couldn’t scrap until I had the 1,469 photos sorted and filed by date. I’m an organized procrastinator.

So, the next thing I knew it was the end of February and I hadn’t started scrapping 2014.

In retrospect I should have started 2014 the minute I got home from Florida, and I probably should have started with the then-current week and gone back as I had time and completed the the missing weeks for 2013 and 2014. But my mind won’t allow such foolishness as doing things out of order.

However, when 2015 started, I ignored (sort of) all the missing pages from the past, took a deep breath, and started my 2015 Project Life album with only sporadic episodes of hyperventilation. So far; so good! I mean, the sky hasn’t fallen or anything. The missing pages will get done, or they won’t get done. And the sky probably still won’t fall.

Life lessons: Don’t be so rigid, Donna. Relax; go with the flow. (Deep breath in; deep breath out.) And get on another creative team with deadlines.

Presenting my 2015 title page:

Believe it or not, this took a whole week. I redid it repeatedly. I knew I wanted to use gold, beige, black, and white, and I knew I wanted to use the family photo.

I added and subtracted all sorts of doo-dads. I even tried that thing where you cut a large photo to fit the pockets of a Project Life template. For everyone else the technique works very well. For me, not so much:
Haha! We look like we are in jail, or least discombobulated.

I started the page over one more time and ended up with the first page above. Stuff I used:
  • top left card: black and gold “twenty FIFTEEN” by the talented Caylee Grey (freebie available here) and a modified black frame filled with beige by One Little Bird (available here)
  • top right card: a modified 4x6 filler card by Kristin Cronin-Barrow (from freebie kit available here)
  • family photo: from November, 2014 (the first time our family had been together in two years) with a modified frame by Ali Edwards (available here)
  • template: Design A from Becky Higgins 

See you soon with Week 1 of my 2015 Project Life album! Oh yes! I am moving right along!! More or less. Happy recording 2015, y'all! Take photos, make a scrapbook, fill out a journal, . . . do something to record your fabulous life. (Life is a gift.)

(On the page I’m printing I have all of our names and the kids’ ages on the bottom. I left them off here for privacy. Also, there is blurring on these pages for privacy.)


Project Life 2014 – Week 24

Here is my two-page spread for Week 24 of my Project Life/pocket page album:
digital kit used – Sunshine in My Soul by One Little Bird at The Lilypad.

Here is a closer look at the left side of Week 24:

And here is a closer look at the right side of Week 24:

other credits: Ali Edwards (Ali Edwards also sells physical and digital products in her shop on her website), Gina Cabrera, Project Life digital page templates

Each week I use a different kit so that each week will stand apart from the others, instead of having all the weeks blend together. Ha! This week I used a kit by a different designer than what I used last week. Oddly, the two kits have almost the same colors. Oh, well.

question for Project Lifers: I’m torn between whether I like big kits (such as those from Just Jaimee and Traci Reed) or small ones (such as those from One Little Bird and Paislee Press) for my PL pages.

With the big kits I get more use out of them, but it takes a lot of time to look through all the stuff in each of the big kits to find what I want to use.  

But with the small kits I often don’t have enough stuff to complete a two-page weekly spread. That’s what happened with Week 24. And that’s why I pulled in so many words from Ali Edwards. Oh, I know I could keep the pages simple, and I know that’s how Project Life was designed to work, but . . .. I really like the stuff – lots of photos, lots of journaling, and added things. (“Stuff” and “things” are technical Project Life terms.)

Do any of you digital scrappers have a preference for smaller kits or larger kits? Paper scrappers sometimes buy just one or two physical kits for the whole year. That makes for a very cohesive-looking album, but to me it would be really boring to use the same materials for a whole year.

tip for digital Project Lifers: Sign up for the newsletters your favorite designers send out. They usually have coupons to get their latest stuff at a reduced price. I can't think of the last time I paid full price for digital materials.

That’s all for now, folks! Have a GREAT week!!