Project Life 2014 – Week Four

Here is my two-page spread for Week Four of my Project Life/pocket page album:

For Week Four I used Timeless, a digital kit by One Little Bird:

And that’s all I have to say. I need to do the write-ups for these two pages and move forward!!

No, first I want to announce how thankful I am to have had only about 150 photos for Week Four. For Week Two I had over 900 photos, and for Week Three I had about 400. Why? Because for those two weeks I was in Jacksonville, where two of my grandkids live.

Good news/bad news: Later this week in real life I’m going back to Jacksonville to see those grandkids. That’s the good news. The bad news . . . yep, I’ll come home with way too many photos. I can’t help it. They’re just too cute.

Here’s a cuteness preview from yesterday; it’s my newest granddaughter Evie all dressed up (with pearls!), strapped into her car seat, and ready to go to church for Easter service.
No, she wasn’t in shock. Her eyes are always this big. Or maybe she was shocked by the large bunny who entered her house during the night.

Next post: Details about and close-ups from the left side of Week Four. Thanks for visiting! 

Project Life is the super-simple method of memory keeping created by Becky Higgins. Put photos and cards into pockets on pocket pages. Add journaling and/or embellishments on the cards. Put the completed pages in an album. Project Life can be done digitally or physically.


Project Life 2014 – Week Three | page three

Here is the third (and FINAL!! Yes!) page of my three-page spread for Week Three:
digital kit: January Storyteller - Collection by Just Jaimee; digital template: Project Life Template A; get it FREE here

Top row – left spot:
“Together” word art: Gina Cabrera; date stamps: Gina Cabrera

This photo was taken right before I walked out the door of Elisabeth and Blake’s house to go to the airport. I looked dazed, Peter was hyper, and Evie was zonked. It’s exhausting to do this back-and-forth mess to spend time with our out-of-town family, but it’s worth it.

I think we should have had a family farm or something. Maybe way out from civilization?  Then all the kids would have stayed close to our home and family, because they would have been needed on the farm.

But each had talents and interests in other areas, and each had to pursue his/her dreams. Peter and I gave them roots, but then they took wings. That was unexpected. I suppose it’s okay; none of us know a thing about farming.

Top row – right spot:
font: Colaborate-Regular; 4x6 base card: Mommyish (There was a reason I used this card from another kit and by another person, but I can’t remember what it is. The kit is called Candid, and it’s by Just Jaimee and Mommyish.)

In the olden days if you wanted to fly to some place, you could often fly directly there. Not so much these days. But there is a good thing about layovers. They provide an opportunity to get food, because you sure aren’t going to get it on a plane, unless you want to pay.

Middle row – first spot:

Middle row – second spot:
font: Geared Slab

Not only did I get Peter’s “ice juice” for his naps and bedtime, I also made sure he had all his bed buddies. I let him put them in their proper places beside him, because you can’t have too much training in being OCD.

OCD can be a good thing. For example, most kids probably waste a lot of sleeping time getting everything in their beds in order. Not Peter.
Middle row – third spot:
“Love you to the moon… card”: Love You to the Moon… kit by Just Jaimee; hearts: Yep, That’s Life Stamp Set #2 by Darcy Baldwin.

[Don't read this part, Peter.] I might have bought the Love You to the Moon kit just to get this card. I LOVE this card!! I knew I was going to use it with my grandkids. The photo in the fourth spot was the perfect photo to accompany this card.

Middle row – fourth spot:
red heart: Penny Springmann

For obvious reasons, the above photo is my favorite photo on this page.

Bottom row – left spot:
3-photo collage template: Tracy Larsen

Air travel always amazes me. How can I be sitting in one house in the morning and in another house 100s of miles away in the evening? It’s hard to fathom.

I knew I was back home in Memphis because I was at my computer with a cat attached to my lap and it was cold outside.

Bottom row – right spot:
fonts: FunkyUncial, Simplicity

Another sign I was back home was that I found myself sitting in a theatre, watching a play. So ended another great week.

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Project Life 2014 – Week Three | page two

Here is the second page of my three-page spread for Week Three:
digital kit: January Storyteller - Collection by Just Jaimee; digital template: Project Life Template A; get it FREE here

Top row – left spot:
font: Colagorate-Regular

On Monday evening Blake, Elisabeth, and I each separately realized Evie looks a lot like her brother did at this age. I found a photo of him, and we compared them.Yep. They look alike.

Top row – right spot:
font: Geared Slab; 6-photo collage template: Designs by Lili

Peter is a busy boy.

Middle row – first spot:
Text and embellishments on photo: Rhonna Designs

I took this photo and the one two over with my iPhone. I embellished them on my iPhone and saved them to my Camera Roll before I posted them on Instagram.

Middle row – second spot:

Middle row – third spot:
Text and embellishments on photo: Rhonna Designs

Middle row – fourth spot:
font: Geared Slab; “LOVE this” word art Digital Stamps from February Storyteller Collection by Just Jaimee

This is my ~favorite~ photo on this page, because my child is holding his child. When I was holding Blake when he was a baby, I never thought about him holding his baby one day. The circle of life goes on, and it warms my heart.

This photo is also my favorite on this page, because this is real life. The addition of a baby to a family is a gift from God. But life must go on. In this case, it meant Blake had to continue studying for the Florida Bar Exam he’ll take later this month. He only needs one hand to type and scroll anyway.

A good thing (I hope) about me going to stay with Blake and Elisabeth right after Evie’s birth is that I could join them in playing Pass the Baby. Many hands make light work [Southern expression adopted from the 1300s in England], unless you’re talking about broth making, in which too many cooks spoil the broth. I just mixed metaphors. Don't tell my former high school English students.

Bottom row – left spot:
font: Arial; “the LITTLE moments” word art: Penny Springmann; 2-photo collage template: Tracy Larsen

This week, like last week, I spent a good amount of time staring at Evie. I put her on my lap and my feet on Peter's Brio train track (sorry, Peter), and I just stared. Is it normal to sit and stare at one’s grandkids? I hope they don’t think I’m weird, but I am observing miracles. Amazing! Do you think they’ll think I’m weird?

Bottom row – right spot:
fonts: Geared Slab, Arial

My kids' Instagram streams provide lots of good material for my Project Life pages. The sign Conrad photographed on a pole in his neighborhood . . . hahaha!
Next post: Details about and close-ups from page three of Week Three. Thanks for stopping by! Happy weekend, everyone!


Project Life 2014 – Week Three | page one

Hello, friends, and welcome to January!! Really. Sigh. Oh my goodness, whole years haven’t lasted as long as this one month.

Week One was a simple two-page spread. More happened in Week Two. It took five pages to cover. Week Three was busier than Week One, but not as busy as Week Two. So it took three pages.

I didn’t think I would EVER finish those two weeks. It didn’t help that I added an insert page to get in even more photos, like eight pages for two weeks weren’t enough.

Here is the first page of my three-page spread for Week Three:
digital kit: Storyteller January 2014 by Just Jaimee; digital template: Project Life Template A; get it FREE here

Top row – left spot:
font: Arial; “week” stamp: Ali Edwards; “three” stamp: Ali Edwards; date stamps: Gina Cabrera

I’m still using a landscape photo (landscape in orientation and in subject matter) as a title card for the week. (“Still” – haha! While I started this plan three months ago, I’ve only done it three times, counting this time.)

Conrad provided this photo. It was taken outside of San Francisco. The real question is how was it taken? Did he hand his phone to a stranger? If so, his stranger was honest and gave back his phone. That’s the best kind of stranger. (I’ll tell about my stranger another time. He was honest, too.)

Top row – right spot:
font: Colagorate-Regular; 4-photo collage template: Tracy Larsen

“YES I can” and the label under “Watch me…: are both from the January Storyteller Collection. The kit has lots of interesting elements. Unless I say otherwise, the stuff I used on this page and the next two are all from Just Jaimee’s January collection. 

Could Peter be any cuter? Look at that first photo! It's my favorite on this page. Dear Lord, may he always find such joy in the simple things of life!

Middle row – first spot:
font: Geared Slab

Middle row – second spot:
striped card: Rachel Del Grosso (Click on her name to get free striped cards, both a 3x4 and a 4x6.)

If you'd like more Project Life freebies, go to my PL Freebies board on Pinterest.

I love color, but I also love black and white. Well, I love b/w in design, but not so much in photos. I added black in several places on these Week Three pages. Then I went out and bought a black-and-white striped sweater, a black-and-white striped bag, and black-and-white striped Toms. Overkill?

Middle row – third spot:
font: Geared Slab

This week, like last week, I was still watching Peter watch television. Love.

Middle row – fourth spot:
font: KG This Is Not Goodbye

Evie received so many nice gifts for being born. This blanket was really soft and pretty. It will be a nice keepsake for her.

Here is what I want to know: Why do babies get all the gifts when they are born? What about the mother? She is the one doing the real suffering (ask me about Graham’s birth), so she should be the one who is gifted.

And why do people get presents on their birthdays? Their mothers should get the presents on that day. If it weren’t for their mothers, they wouldn’t be here on the planet to get presents. I’ve tried to explain this to my five kids for years. They’re not buying it.

Bottom row – left spot:
fonts: Geared Slab, KG This Is Not Goodbye; collage template (modified): Tracy Larsen

This week, like last week, I stared at Evie, too. Is it normal to sit and stare at one’s grandkids? I hope they don’t think I’m weird, but I am observing miracles. Amazing! Do you think they’ll think I’m weird?

Bottom row – right spot:
fonts: Geared Slab, Arial, KG This Is Not Goodbye; 3-photo collage template: Tracy Larsen; “awesome”: Penny Springmann

Before we had kids, I never was around babies, and I had no idea how much STUFF they need. Or, how much stuff the average parents buy for them. (The more kids we had, the less baby stuff we had. We realized we didn’t need much, except for diapers.)
Next post: Details about and close-ups from page two of Week Three. Thanks for stopping by!


Project Life 2014 – An Insert!

Week Two of my 2014 Project Life album was about Peter and me being in Jacksonville, Florida, to meet Evie, our newest grandchild. Week Three was about my second week in Jacksonville and about me returning home.

Moving right along, I was ready to work on Week Four. (Yeah, I know in real life it’s probably Week 13 or 14.) While sorting photos, I found a bunch of photos of Graham that should have gone in Week Two or Three. No way was I redoing either of those weeks. Inserts to the rescue!

Here are the 6x12 inserts I made with stuff related to Graham:

Here is a closer look at the front of the insert:
font on the top: Attic; digital template for the front: Project Life Template A (cut in half vertically)

Front, top spot:
8-photo collage template: Designs by Lili; embellishments on photos: Rhonna Designs

Suffice it to say Graham did not starve while Peter and I were in Jacksonville. She stayed home with the dog and cats. Various friends stayed with her. They all love to cook and eat.

Front, second row:
square cards: February Collection by Traci Reed; embellishments on first and third cards: Rhonna Designs

Front, third row:
embellishment on top of photos: Rhonna Designs

I use Rhonna’s embellishments a lot when I take photos on my phone for Instagram. I like her embellishments so much that I bought many of the sets on her website. Now I can add them to my Project Life photos, too.

Front, fourth row:
font: Arial; word art: Ali Edwards; 4x6 card: February Collection by Traci Reed

Have I mentioned Graham is allergic to cats, particularly Mister Bucky? It's a good thing she's not allergic to Ellie Mae, because Ellie Mae is usually found glued to Graham's side.

Back of insert:
background paper: April Collection by Traci Reed

Graham is in charge of social media for the University of Memphis RUF group. RUF stands for Reformed University Fellowship; it’s our denomination’s college campus ministry.

A few weeks before this article appeared in the Memphis daily newspaper, Graham was interviewed over the phone for about an hour. The actual article was long. It was on two different pages.

In the olden days, pre-Project Life, I would have saved both of the pages. I kept a “memory” folder for each of our five kids for each year they lived at home. I have kept one for Peter and me for each year, too. I have a lot of memory folders.

Now I’m putting things like this article in my Project Life albums. Whereas I kept whole newspaper clippings in the memory folders, I don’t always need the whole thing.

For this article I went to our newspaper’s website, found the article, and used the Snipping Tool found in Microsoft Windows to “clip” out the parts I wanted to save, including the newspaper banner, the article title, and the photo used with the article. Here is a closer look at those parts:

I also clipped the part of the article that mentioned Graham. Here it is:

I put these items together on a 6x12 blank document I made with Photoshop. I also added a background (a paper by Traci Reed) in accordance with my scrapbooking motto: leave no space blank. 

When I'm ready to have this insert printed, I'll put both 6x12s on one 12x12 page and upload it to Persnickety Prints. Then I'll sprint out to my mailbox to await delivery of the page, because Persnickety Prints is that fast.

I'll cut the page in half, and put the two halves back to back in a 6x12 Project Life page protector. As I said earlier, this insert will go between Weeks Two and Three. 

I love having my pages printed individually instead of in a bound book, because I can go back and add inserts at any time. I can also redo pages when I find I've made an error. Yep, my OCD will insist I pay to have the whole page reprinted.

Next post: Details about Week Three. Thanks for stopping by!


Let it go

Here are the facts: It's a new week. It's a beautiful day. I'm alive in spite of this %$#& bronchitis. I'm done with Week Two! (It's been my life for so long, that I'm going to miss it.) I have a whole day at home to play at my computer.

And I have Mister Bucky on my lap. Exactly 10 years ago today Mister Bucky showed up on our back deck. See:

Yes, I fed him. I feed everybody and everything that shows up at our house. And I eat, too, so they won't feel awkward.

We tried to find his owner, but no one claimed him. (Imagine people not clamoring to claim a black cat. They're so very rare.) We took him to the vet for a check-up and shots. The vet estimated he was a year old. Using the day he adopted us as the date of his birth and backing up a year 24 March 2003 became his official birthday.

Mister Bucky has been a house cat since he moved here, because we believe an outdoor cat is a dead cat. Besides, he's very wimpy. We don't know how he survived being a stray. We do know he was unable to find food in the "wild" (our neighborhood), because he was skin and bones when he showed up.

Today Mister Bucky celebrates being in this family and house for 10 years, most of which he has spent eating. And when he's not eating, he's on a person, and he's drooling. I love that cat!!

What does Mister Bucky's birthday have to do with letting it go? Not much. Back to letting it go . . .

Recently I've come to realize I overthink, overanalyze, overplan, overdo, and a bunch of other overs. Light bulb moment: At some point there comes a time to let it go. How astute is that?? And so very freeing. No wonder "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen is so popular. (The catchy tune doesn't hurt its popularity either.)

Is there a situation in your life where you need to let it go? Would it make you happier, healthier, more productive, or even just more fun to be around? Then let it go! (I'll be singing that song for the rest of the day.)

credits for top graphic: watercolor background Traci Reed, script me; credit for graphics on bottom photo: Rhonna Designs


Project Life 2014 – Week Two | page five!

The END of Week Two! Can it be??

So, here is page five (finally!) of my five-page spread for Week Two:
digital kit: Pocket Life: February Collection by Traci Reed; digital template: Project Life Template A; get it FREE here

Top row – left spot:
3-photo collage template: Tracy Larsen

Since Evelyn was only seven days old on Sunday, we didn’t go to church. Instead, we stayed at home and enjoyed some of that gorgeous Florida weather we don’t see in Tennessee in January. Peter got in a few rounds of golf in the front yard. He’s no longer allowed to play golf indoors, because his swing has become rather powerful.

Top row – right spot:
font: Bombshell Pro, FreightNeo Pro

All the photos on this page that look really good, like this one, were taken by Elisabeth’s sister Sarah, who is a professional photographer. She is so talented! It’s such a treat for me to watch her pose a baby and incorporate props from her incredible stash of stuff.

Middle row – first spot:
font: Bariol

Quess who took these photos – Sarah or me? Yes, me. How does Sarah do it?? I need to work on brightness or something. Learning to use my big camera would probably be helpful, too.

The above photos show the cute outfit Graham sent with me for Evie. It has little sheep all over it, and a big ruffle around the rear. It reminds me of a dancing bear in a tutu. Probably not the effect Graham was going for, but it’s so cute!!

It cracks me up to hear Peter call Graham “GumGum.” We don’t know if it’s his version of Graham, or if it’s a comment on the gum that’s often in her mouth. I meant to be Grandmother, but he calls me Ga-Ga. I’m seeing him as a teenager introducing us to his friends: “I’d like you to meet Ga-Ga and GumGum.” It makes our family sound rather intellectual, don’t you think?

Middle row – second spot:
font: Bariol

I have a thing for Spanish moss. Just lovely!

Middle row – third spot:
Ruffles on the rump again. =)

Middle row – fourth spot:
(The days of the week and the day numbers are all part of the February Collection.)

Bottom row – left spot:
font: Bariol; 3-photo collage template: Designs by Lili

Bottom row – right spot:
font: Bariol; embellishments on photo: freebie from Krista Lund

Wow. I really, actually finished Week Two. What do I do with my life now? I guess I should do Week Three. It’s hard to imagine life without Week Two.

See you soon! Thanks for visiting!