Project Life 2014 – Week 19

Here is my two-page spread for Week 19 of my Project Life/pocket page album:

digital kit used – Rain Edition by Nisa Fiin:

Nisa also designs under the name Splendid Fiins. She's taking a break from designing for a while, and for a brief time you can get all her products for 45% off here.

What I like about Rain Edition: the colors – blues, greens, and purples. That’s it. Sometimes I like using a limited number of colors.

What I don’t like about Rain Edition: It just has cards and papers, no elements. Some of the cards have elements already on them, but I like to add them myself. It takes longer to make my pages that way.

Here is a closer look at the left side of Week 19:

Top row, left pocket:
week stamp: Ali Edwards; eighteenstamp: Ali Edwards; date stamps: Digital Design Essentials (Gina Cabrera)

Notice that below “week nineteen” I put “plus some.” I took a trip that overlapped part of Weeks 17 & 18, causing three weeks to be adjusted, as in, not a one of them covers exactly seven days.

Top row, right pocket:
I think most likely Peter enjoys going to the ranch. (I’m perceptive like that.)

Middle row, third pocket :
This explains the photos of Peter above and the photos of Peter below.

Sweet” stamp: Penny Springmann

Bottom row, right pocket:
See the purple arrow thing on top of this photo? I made it with the shape tool in Photoshop and filled it with the dark purple used in this kit. (When you make a shape, always make a new layer first for the shape so you can move the shape around.)

Middle row, first pocket:
I made this blue arrow and the green triangle on the playbill in the next pocket with the shape tool, too. See why I like kits with elements? I like to overuse elements, but I'd rather not make them. 

Helpful tip: In my Project Life folder in ACDSee, I have a subfolder for commonly used elements, like arrows and words, so I don’t have to look all over the place when I need such an item.

Ali Edwards has her own subfile under commonly used elements, because I use her words all the time. Good news for her - she has a new shop, and it’s here. Bad news for me – soon all the links I’ve given for her stuff at Designer Digitals won’t work.

Bottom row, left pocket:
Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby, . . . regardless of the occasion, in our family we make it all about food. Question: Why didn’t Conrad discover his extraordinary cookie-making skills when he lived in Memphis??

Cinco de Mayo stamp: freebie from Kerri Bradford; go here to download her freebies.

Here is a closer look at the right side of Week 19:

Top row, right pocket:
I don’t have nearly enough photos of Carter and Kate. I need to lay a guilt trip on them, so they’ll send more. (Mothers excel at guilt trips.)

Top row, left pocket:
the LITTLE moments” stamp: Penny Springmann

I despise FaceTime and Skype. They remind me of the olden days when phones were attached to the wall, so when we talked on the phone, we were stuck in one spot. But FaceTime and Skype cause a new problem – now I have to have make-up on to talk. BUT I put myself out to talk to my kids and grandkids.

Okay, I don’t have to have make-up on, but, well, yes, I do. I’m all about full make-up every day.

Middle row, first & second pockets:

Bottom row, left pocket:
Since Ellie Mae’s meet & greet, we’ve been to Destin and back. Ellie Mae loved her visit with these dogs and their family! She even learned to use the doggie door. Every evening each of the dogs got raw chicken legs. We’ll leave that tradition back with the boarder. 

Bottom row, right pocket – the continuing adventures of Graham in nursing school:

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Project Life 2014 – Week 18 | insert pages

Since I had soooo many photos for Week 18, I added an 8.5” x 11” insert, with photos on both sides.

Here is what the two sides of the insert look like together:

digital kit used - Just Add Color by Kerri Bradford:

I searched my template stash for an 8.5” x 11” template that would hold a lot of photos. I thought I found the one I used for the insert for Week 10 and started with that.

Basically I wanted a template with four places across and six down for a total of 24 places to put photos, journaling, and filler stuff. Most of the photos I used did not fit well in the template spaces, so I dragged various blocks over other blocks to make bigger horizontal and vertical rectangles, as well as some square spaces.

After I completely finished both sides, I realized the template was 8” x 11”. What?! That meant I’d have larger margins on the sides than on the tops and bottoms of each page. I had spent a lot of time using the wrong template.

My inner OCD voice said, “Do the pages over! They will annoy the stew out of you every time you see them in the future.”

For once I ignored my inner OCD. These two pages will not have equal margins on all sides, and the world will not fall off its axis. All is well! (More or less. I did hyperventilate a bit and eat some candy corn.)

Here is a closer look at the front of the Week 18 insert:

Below are close-ups of some of the photos and fillers on the insert front.

Her eyes and his attire . . . Love!

Somewhere I read that each scrapbook page needs at least a bit of black. I forgot why. And I forgot the whole thing until I was working on these pages. I like black, so here’s my black on this page:

The black on the back page is the card that says “MEMORIES” over and over.

Here is why I buy scrapbooking kits made by others instead of making my own papers and elements:
I lack the artistic gene. Don’t laugh. This is really the best horse I’m capable of drawing. Peter thought it was an elephant.

This game is harder than it looks:

This photo was made with the Rhonna Design app and then I posted it on Instagram. Rhonna’s designs are also available in her shop in several formats, such as brushes, pngs, printables, and fonts.

Here is a closer look at the back of the Week 18 insert:

I love photos like this one that show everyday moments:
Look at our little chubby legs stacked up.

By the way, if you want to put text on a photo and have it stand out, it’s easier to make a text block than to look for a label to put under the text. To make one of these blocks….
  • Open a new layer above the photo.
  • Make sure white (or whatever color you want the block to be) is the front color tile on your tool bar.
  • Use the paint bucket tool to fill the rectangle with white.
  • Add text on top of the rectangle.
  • (optional) Reduce the opacity of the rectangle a bit so that the photo below it shows through slightly, but not so much that the text is hard to read.  

More photos from the back of the insert:

Yes! April is officially history!! Oh, I know it ended months ago for most of you. But I got to enjoy spring longer than you did.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

NO, inner OCD voice! I’m still not going to redo the insert!!


Project Life 2014 – Week 18

Here is my two-page spread for Week 18 of my Project Life/pocket page album:

digital kit used - Just Add Color by Kerri Bradford:

I chose this kit because it has lots of little elements, and I knew in advance I was going to need lots of little fillers, because I had lots of photos for Week 18. In fact, I had nearly 700 photos!! That’s what happens when I go to see my family in Jacksonville and come back with photos from my phone, Blake’s phone, Elisabeth’s phone, Elisabeth’s camera, and Sarah’s camera.

I needed bigger pages. Instead I made two insert pages:
These will be printed by Persnickety Prints* individually as 8.5" x 11" pages. I’ll put them back to back in an 8.5" x 11" page protector, and stick that between the two main pages of Week 18.

I like to make inserts that are smaller than 12" x 12" (the size of my weekly pages), because they tuck nicely between the regular week pages. My inserts are usually 6" x 12" or 8.5" x 11" because those are the easiest-to-find smaller sizes of page protectors.

Here is a closer look at the left side of Week 18:

Top pocket, left side:
“week” stamp: Ali Edwards; “eighteen” stamp: Ali Edwards; date stamps: Digital Design Essentials (Gina Cabrera)

Notice above “week eighteen” I put “(most of).” My trip started on a Saturday and went through the next Thursday. My album weeks run from Sunday to Saturday. I adjusted Weeks 17, 18, and 19 to keep my trip photos all together.

Top pocket, right side:
Look at how much stuff I got in one place! Oh how I love the Project Life system that allows me to cover loosely related, random moments that I want to remember, but ones which aren’t worthy of a whole page.

Bottom pocket, left side:
The Frozen craze is phenomenal. I have a PL friend in Brazil who recently posted a video of her young daughters loudly singing the theme song. I asked her if they knew what they were singing. She said they didn’t have a clue. =)

Bottom pocket, right side:
Peter is not yet three years old, but he already knows a cell phone is good for talking, playing games, watching videos, and taking photos.

Here is a closer look at the right side of Week 18:
For this page I used the Squared Away Template 12 (modified, really modified)

The left page of Week 18 was about the first day of my trip. This page is about the last day of my trip, when Elisabeth’s sister Sarah did a photo shoot with Peter and Evie.

Here’s my favorite photo of Peter on this page:

Well, I can’t pick a favorite of Evie. It’s one of these two:
It's okay to brag about grandchildren, right? Good, because I'll just say these are two GORGEOUS kids!

Check this out:
I finally made it to May! It's a miracle!!

One minute I’m holding my grandbabies; the next minute I’m high in the sky, flying home:
Such is life!

For the record, this is THE least embellished page I’ve ever made in my life. I only added two stamps ("HEY MAY" and "REMEMBER every little THING”) by Ali Edwards and the date, which I dragged over from the first page.

Stay tuned for the Week 18 insert, coming next. See you soon!

* Persnickety Prints is having their semi-annual sale on printing. Prepay for pages now at the lowest prices of the year, and use the credits whenever you're ready to print your pages. The sale ends on Monday, September 29th. No company prints better than Persnickety. Their prices are reasonable, too.


Project Life 2014 – Week 17 | right side

Repeating from my last post, here is my two-page spread for Week 17 of my Project Life/pocket page album:
digital kit: Eternal Sunshine by Paislee Press.

My last post was about the left side of Week 17. Here is the right side:

Top row – left spot:
Super cool reflection photo on the left!

Top row – right spot:

Pause to send a huge thank you to Elisabeth, my daughter-in-law and the mother of Peter and Evelyn. She couldn’t be better about sending me photos and videos of these two grandkids of mine. All the ones of them on these two pages are from her. Since they live a zillion miles away (at least it seems like it), the photos are a tangible connection with them.

Middle row – first & second spots:

These two spots have nothing to do with each other, but I put them together to shorten this post.

See the lens flare on the photo labeled “SUNSHINE”? This was a naturally occurring lens flare. In the past when this happened on my photos, I thought the photo was worthless. I had no idea lens flares are cool until I noticed several photo-editing apps have a feature specifically for adding a lens flare. 

Middle row – third & fourth spots:

These two spots do go together. As I said on the card, the story of the trashed dolls continues. It seems they resurrected from the trash.

Observe the “about us” card. Is that the plainest thing I’ve ever done? I started to punch it up a bit, but then I thought, STOP! In fact, I further heeded my brain to cool it on the overkill when I got to the bottom right photo on this page. You'll notice plainness there, too.

Bottom row – left spot:

Such a beautiful child! 

The crossed arrows are from Rhonna Designs, but they're not from the app. Did you know you can buy her designs from her online store? The arrows are in the InstaSNAP set available here. When you buy a set, you get the elements as an .abr brush, as a dingbat font, and as individual pngs. Each format works with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Bottom row – right spot:

Such a big nose on the dog! Wow. I never noticed her bottom teeth are a little funny. We knew a beagle who wore braces, but I don’t think Ellie Mae will need that. However, perhaps she could use caps on those two little teeth . . .. Just kidding, Peter!

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